The ACRYLIC DOMED SKYLIGHT is a strong and durable option for flat roofs that enhances any industrial building with natural light. You can cut energy costs and improve productivity by letting the light into your workspace with domed skylights. Available in many sizes, our DOMED SKYLIGHTS come in clear, bronze, or white acrylic.


Gain access to your roof through a DurRed brand ROOF HATCH. With either a staircase or a ladder, you can open the device by lifting the lid. You’ll enjoy eliminating the need for a ladder leaning against the outside of your building as well as improving the curb appeal of your building.


A smoke vent is either a skylight or a solid lid unit that is designed to open or melt out at a predetermined temperature. Our quality-made DurRed smoke vents provide an escape for deadly smoke if there is a fire in the building.

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