Residential Skylights

Enhance, illuminate, and brighten every room in your home.


Perhaps our most popular residential product, the VELUX SUN TUNNEL is economical, efficient, and installs in less than two hours with no mess.

You’ll be amazed at the big impact such a small, simple skylight can make. Perfect for darker hallways, bathrooms, closets the SUN TUNNEL is also an excellent choice to enhance any part of your home or building with beautiful daylight.



ALADDIN CUSTOM GLASS SKYLIGHTS are the perfect way to add some “wow” to your home. Designed to meet and exceed your ideal vision, our glass skylights serve as architectural focal points while beautifying your entire space with gorgeous, natural light.

Additionally, you’ll love saving energy with our high-performance glass.


Aladdin Industries is a proud 5-Star Dealer of the nationally acclaimed skylight brand, VELUX.

Complete your skylights with solar power openers, vents, or blinds, and take control of both the light and the air that brightens and freshens your home. Take a look at our dealer page on VELUX USA to discover the many VELUX options we make available to you.


The DOME SKYLIGHT is a perfect option for flat roofs and serves as a very economical approach to bringing natural light into your home, office, school, or workplace.

Available in many sizes, our DOME SKYLIGHTS come in clear, bronze, or white acrylic.

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